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and the machine grows parasitic

title: reflection
fandom: the legend of zelda (ocarina of time flavoured)
character: dark link
rating: pg
summary: the looking glass answered.

All around him there is water.

Where he dwells it’s murky. Marked by, erect and repugnant, a dead tree. Maybe once, some eons before his consciousness, it was the very portrait of crystalline perfection. Maybe once, this room was more than sinister illusion, and was struck pure with prayers to three Golden Goddesses.

Maybe once, in a mirrored lifetime, he grew strong beneath a fertile tree.

What does ending feel like?

To know that would be to know a beginning. A beginning he would know soon enough.

All he has ever known is the tomb misnamed a temple. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for the one chosen by the rich souled Goddess to come along and grant him form.

The shadow once tried to find himself in the foggy water.

How strange that he saw not the Hero looking back at him.

Sometimes he dreams, or thinks he does. There’s a princess, a dark king, and he’s in possession of a destiny (for what he has now is not destiny, only destination with simple purpose). A creature made of more substance than mere shadow, unique and not a facsimile.

Ah, well.

Does the Hero feel like something is missing?

He’d like to think so. That possibly it hurts the Hero, if only superficially.

And he makes a noise similar, but not truly like, a laugh.
Tags: !fanfic:the legend of zelda
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